Drag and Drop window for the fasta format query file
Blast Tab
DataBase Tab
Database Selection Combo Box
Output Options
Number of sequences returned
Combo box for blastn, blastp or blastx selection
Output Type
Min eValue returned
Start Blast
search button
Drag and Drop window for the fasta format Database
Database Name
Database Description
Database type selection Combo Box
Start Database
creation button
makeDB.exe output
Delete Database
Database Selection
for deletion
Visual Blast was design to facilitate and accelerate protein and nucleotide BLAST analysis
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Institute of Biology and Agricultural Biotechnology
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Manuscript can be downloaded at: http://smart-elab.mlib.cnr.it/index.php?journal=Smart_eLab&page=article&op=view&path%5B%5D=67&path%5B%5D=68